Electro-Smog Mobile Radiation and its Effect of  Human Body & Behavior


Presence of Radio Frequency Radiation E-Smog.
How Mobile phone Technology work ?
How do we know, that we are Alive ?
What is Electrosensitivity E- Smog ,and it's symptom and Effect on human body ?
Cell Phone causes Cancer .
How the Man Made Frequencies are Effect our Cryptochromes ( navigation system of human body ) ?
World Health Organization Reports About Major Side Effect of Mobile Phone
Why Home Sparrows and Honey Bees are Disappear ?
Testimonials of I Live on ,The Life Force Energy Pendent .


i Live on, The Life Force Energy.

Biggest Revolution in the filed of  Techonoligical  Healthcare & Wellness


What is Bio-Resonance Frequency and its major role in Human Life?


Frequency describes the number of waves that pass a fixed place in a given amount of time. So if the time it takes for a wave to pass is 1/2 second, the frequency is 2 per second. If it takes 1/100 of an hour, the frequency is 100 per hour.

We can measure theses frequencies through medical equipment ( as picture bellow )





The Power of Yours Words, Sound & Frequency
Who is Dr. John R. Rogerson ?

Who is Dr. John R. Rogerson ?


Dr. John R. Rogerson – Scientist Biophysicist, inventor of EFI Photo Pro (Body biofield scanning) & International Lecturer on natural therapies and complementary medicine is specialized in studying ‘the aura, energy fields, meridians and chakra systems of the body.’
John works with the UNESCO World Peace Centre, MIT College, is a Professor at the Zoroastrian College in Bombay, and conducted research with both the National Institute of Naturopathy and National Inst. of Design.
He is certified ISIS, MCP and PIP Teacher, trainer and has completed courses in Elect, Detoxing, Specialized Kinesiology, Scenar , and is a BEST System Practitioner.
He is leading specialist in studying the ‘efficacy of natural medicine. Dr. John developed EFi (Energy Field Imaging System), which is an imaging technology to reveal the energy and bio-fields of subject matter. EFi shows the energetic frequency of the body ‘live’ in clear colours and patterns. Photon Energy Field Imaging , an advanced imaging method to reveal aura energy , bio fields , the meridians and chakras in clear picture and vivid colors, which safely indicates where areas of stress and ease are sited to the body.
He shows the subtle energy flow and his technique is used to motivate people towards informed health choices.
His clients include many healthcare professionals and centers of excellence around the world.
How I Live On is Different from Others Energy Products ?

Warning !

There are lot of fake website and product available on the internet which claimed that  they are working on Bio-Resonance transfer technology .Glotera have the Exclusive rights to sell  this Technology direct Business to customer I Live On The Life Force Energy which ,the World’s first Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology Pendent invented by Dr. Ian Lyons from Germany and Endorse by Dr. John R . Rogerson – Scientist (DSc Bio Physics) .


What is Human Aura and its role in our Life ?
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How I Live On can help us from any Disease ?
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How I Live On can help us from any Disease ?
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Live demo of I Live On by Dr. John R . Rogerson.
How Frequency ( Words ) Can Change Water - Dr. Masaru Emoto

What this video very carefully because our 70% Human body is water and 90% our Body cells water


We are what we drink ?


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