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Welcome to the future of  Technological Wellness Bio-Resonance.

i Live On Wellness is the wellness product line of Glotera, designed to increase your energy levels and maintain your wellness on a daily basis, thus promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind, body and soul.

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Introducing World’s first Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology I Live On, The Life Force Energy Pendent which is based on Molecular Entanglement and Doppler Concept. Latest Invented by Dr.Ian Lyons Scientist from Germany and  Endorse by Dr. John R . Rogerson – Scientist Biophysicist, inventor of EFI Photo Pro (Body biofield scanning) 

 If a person can use this technology he/she can enhance their healthy life 7 to 15 years* state way. Because of….. 
This is the world’s first technology which give us Live Force Energy and helps in balancing our Body Meridians and Seven Chakras .

Technical Information Regarding I Live On

The Life Force Energy Pendant is an exclusive mineral based alloy disc with rhodium finish, which emits a life force energy. The pendant is created from technically enhanced minerals that produce a positive resonance we term as ‘life force’, which creates quantum entanglement or molecular entanglement of all liquids.


The Life Force Pendant pendants’ high synergistic properties will be able to balance the life force energy we require to stay calm and well. It is capable of absorbing heat energy and instantlytransforming the energy into a 8-14μ wavelength bio-energy that can promote the molecular activities of water molecules in bodily organs, thereby benefiting the body’s metabolic functions, elevating blood circulatory systems and thus helping to achieve holistic wellness body functions, stimulating the brain and thought processes, unblocking the meridians and balancing the chakras.

This is the world’s first technology which help us can to balance:-

  • Resonates A Key Frequency Wave Form
  • Help in balancing Body Meridian
  • Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta FrequenciesiLiveOn_Brochure_2_page2_image20
  • Expend Aura within minutes
  • Protects & Strengthens Immune System
  • Harnesses & Grounds Negative Energy
  • Increased Zest & Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Reduced Symptoms, Issues, Stress & Pain
  • Optimises Cellular Transfer, Strengthens Signals & Membrane Wall
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Increase Oxygenation in your blood stream
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Increase energy for athletic activity
  • Help in balancing Ying and Yang and the flow of ‘Chi
  • Reduces E-Smog
  • Help in relaxation, rejuvenation and reduce stress


High temperature Nano engineered aluminum with Rhodium finish
Diameter: 36 mm
Thickness: 2.5 mm


How I Live On ,The Life Force Energy Pendent Work by Dr. John R. Rogerson 

Attention !

Never ever compare  I Live On The Life Force Energy Pendent to another energy products, because false  or less information can take you away from the benefits.

How I Live On The Life Force Energy Pendent s different from other energy product ?


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