We are pioneer in three main Industries

Technological Wellness

This is the world’s first Nano Fusion Transfer with Frequency Resonance technology invention by  Dr Ian Lyons a German Scientist and Endorse by Dr. John R . Rogerson — Scientist (DSc Bio Physics).
 This is the world’s first technology which give us Live Force Energy and helps in balancing our Body Meridians, Seven Chakras
The Life Force Energy Pendant is an exclusive mineral based alloy disc with rhodium finish, which emits a life force energy. The WE-Wellness-Finalpendant is created from technically enhanced minerals that produce a positive resonance we term as ‘life force’, which creates quantum entanglement or molecular entanglement of all liquids.

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iscuelaEducation is the gradual process of acquiring knowledge. Formal education is instruction imparted in schools, colleges and higher institutions. In today’s world the importance of good education and good results is paramount in student’s success hence the foundation of iScuela is based on this.
iScuela stands for “An information age school”. ‘i’ depicts the information age and Scuela means School or College in Spanish.

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Worldwide Vacation

Fantasy Resorts is about taking that family vacation you thought you could never have, and now you can find it here with us among Lifestyle-ULDA-Photos-091our host of family focused packages. With resorts that fit your needs and packages that suit your budget, you will now be able to go for that vacation which will give you a lifetime memory.
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