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Warning !

There are lot of fake website and product available on the internet which claimed that  they are working on Bio-Resonance transfer technology .Glotera have the Exclusive rights to sell  this Technology direct Business to customer I Live On The Life Force Energy Pendant  which ,the World’s first Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology Pendent invented by Dr. Ian Lyons from Germany and Endorse by Dr. John R . Rogerson – Scientist (DSc Bio Physics) .

What is I Live On ?


qaq The Life Force Energy Pendant is an exclusive mineral based alloy disc with rhodium finish, which emits a life force energy. The pendant is created from technically enhanced minerals that produce a positive resonance we term as ‘life force’, which creates quantum entanglement or molecular entanglement of all liquids.
The I Live On ,The Life Force pendants’  high synergistic properties will be able to balance the life force energy we require to stay calm and well. It is capable of absorbing heat energy and instantly transforming the energy into a 8-14μ wavelength bio-energy that can promote the molecular activities of water molecules in bodily organs, thereby benefiting the body’s metabolic functions, elevating blood circulatory systems and thus helping to achieve holistic wellness body functions, stimulating the brain and thought processes, unblocking the meridians and balancing the chakras. 

Introducing World’s first Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology I Live On ,The Life Force Pendant  which can balance:-



• Alfa,Beta,Theta and Delta Frequencies • 12 Body Meridians • Extend Human Aura • Balance Seven Chakras • Enhance Immune System • Increase Oxygenation in your blood stream • Improve blood circulation • Enhance metabolism • Increase energy for athletic activity • Help in balancing Ying and Yang and the flow of ‘Chi’ • Reduce electro smog



Who is Dr. John R . Rogerson ?

Dr. John R . Rogerson – Scientist (DSc Bio Physics) & International Lecturer on natural therapies and complementary medicine is specialized in studying ‘the aura, energy fields, meridians and chakra systems of the body.’

 John works with the UNESCO World Peace Centre, MIT College, is a Professor at the Zoroastrian College in Bombay, and conducted research with both the National Institute of Naturopathy and National Inst. of Design.
He is certified ISIS, MCP and PIP Teacher, trainer and has completed courses in Elect, Detoxing, Specialized Kinesiology, Scenar , and is a BEST System Practitioner.
He is leading specialist in studying the ‘efficacy of natural medicine. Dr. John developed EFi (Energy Field Imaging System), which is an imaging technology to reveal the energy and bio-fields of subject matter. EFi shows the energetic frequency of the body ‘live’ in clear colours and patterns. Photon Energy Field Imaging , an advanced imaging method to reveal aura energy , bio fields , the meridians and chakras in clear picture and vivid colors, which safely indicates where areas of stress and ease are sited to the body.
 He shows the subtle energy flow and his technique is used to motivate people towards informed health choices.
His clients include many healthcare professionals and centers of excellence around the world.
  • DSc. Professor Bio Physics
  • Professional English Squash Player
  • HSBC Partner 1980’s;
  • Founder of Agenda with Press Association in 90’s, Harrow School,
  • Masters at Exeter University
  • Ph.D Researched 600+ Natural Treatments & Products with UNESCO MIT World Peace Centre Also at Exeter University UK with other institutions
  • Developer of Biofeedback Systems, EFi Energy & Bio Field imaging, Cellular Hair Analysis
  • Founder of Maxon Life Quality Ltd

LFEP reduces STRESS improves WELL-BEING


Live demo of I Live On by Dr. John R. Rogerson.

EFi Clinical Trials on Three Test Subjects in London,Chiang Mai & Singapore Wearing Life Force Energy Pendant for 3 Weeks During March 2012.


Sarah, 25 Yrs School Teacher in Chiang Mai
“My back pain was significantly better and I feel great. I have much more zest and I can only attribute this to the LFEP as nothing else has changed in my life, it’s amazing”


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Hannah, 35 Yrs Mother in London

Hinna Hinna a

“I have much more energy and very thankful for improved sleep patterns from the pendant, I don’t know how it works but it does.”
Kim, 39 Yrs. Dentist Singapore
6 4
Problem: – asthma & migraines
Result: “I feel completely different, much more energy, strength, the migraines have gone and I’m hardly using my asthma inhaler which I’ve had since I was a kid.”
Experienced true Testimonies about people just like you and me of LFEP – Life Force Energy Pendant brought to you through IBO’s of glotera.com Pvt. Ltd., India.


                                     Amar Sharma

amar shrmaProblem: –  I’m suffering throat problem. My throat infection was cause of concern for me for last so many years, and blood pressure level problem. I was taking one tablet every day.
Result: I feel happy & highly energetic.The Life Force Pendant  has healed my throat problem by 90%, also helped to maintain my blood pressure problem level. I was taking one tablet every day but now it has reduced to half. Thanks to GLOTERA for introducing this amazing product The Life Force Pendant .

                                        Asheesh K Gupta

Asheesh K GuptaProblem: –  I suffering from chronic hyper-acidity which I was suffering for more than 20 years.
Result: –  I saw an amazing difference within a day I wore  The Life Force Pendant . First thing I felt that my energy level became much higher than the past. I was able to drive nonstop for 5-6 hours without getting tired. Within a few days I started having relief The Life Force Pendant  is a amazing product and has divine type healing capabilities. Hands off to the inventor of this product..

                                Sr. Shangara Singh Sahi, Age: 72 years

Sr. Shangara Singh Sahi,,Problem: – Gall Bladder operated in 1994, suffering acidity, indigestion. Blood clot in the left arm since 5 years, as such no pain but the area is swollen.
Result: – Relieved from acidity & indigestion within a month. The Blood clot is reduced in size. It proves that The Life Force Pendant  enhances the blood circulation.

Srd. Surinder Kaur, Age: 70 years,

Srd. Surinder Kaur,,Problem: – Suffering Hypertension- High blood pressure 210/120 mm hg since 1990 onwards reduced only through medicine-Amlopres-L (5mg) on regular basis.
Result:- Hypertension reduced by wearing The Life Force Pendant  within 15 days, dependency on medicine reduced. I have joint problem and face difficulty while walking but with  The Life Force Pendant  support life is healthy and easier.

                                      Twinkle Chaudhry 

TwinkleProblem: – Earlier my nails used to break frequently, and since the age of 13 to 20 years, my hemoglobin was always below 7.
Result: –After wearing  The Life Force Pendant  now my nails are long and beautiful and my hemoglobin is above 10 after using  The Life Force Pendant  for 1.5 months. Energy level more all day. No headache.

        Yogita Sharma Female Age 32 Years

UntitledProblem: – I’m suffering from fatigue and migraine.
Result : – Less fatigue. Relief in migraine experienced only one migraine attack from last 2 months that too mild one after wearing  The Life Force Pendant .

Baldev Singh Chaudhry

baldevProblem: – I’m suffering from frequent a joint pain which was persistent for last 6-7 years and my finger movement which has which had restriction since last 25 years
Result: – After using  The Life Force Pendant  got relief now I stopped the pain relieving medicines completely and not going through physiotherapy. My finger movement has also improved and I’m not taking any other help like Yoga etc.


alpanaProblem: – I’m suffering from migraine and frequent back pain.
Result: – After using  The Life Force Pendant  relief from migraine and feels much more energetic in all activities now.


shreyanProblem: – My son (13) is suffering from asthma (pollen grains) and he is severely allergic to walnut, peanut & sesame. He was also mildly allergic to milk.
Result:-  Now he is taking milk twice a day for last 15 days. I am hopeful that his severe allergies will also go but let us see when he can get rid of them. He is using  The Life Force Pendant  for 11 months now.


vihaanProblem: – My son (7) is suffering from asthma (pollen grains) as it could not be controlled by singular medication. He is severely allergic to milk and wheat which will remain with him for life as per the views of specialist. He is also mildly allergic to peanut.
Result: – Now he is advised by doctor to start taking peanuts regularly. I am hopeful for his severe allergies also but let us see when he can get rid of them. He is also using  The Life Force Pendant  for 11 months now

                                   Sudhanshu Jaiswal

sudhanshuProblem: I am suffering from one autoimmune disease which is not curable by any methodology and frequent cold & cough infections.
Result: – I am feeling some benefit in my body resistance after using  The Life Force Pendant  and frequent cold & cough infections are not happening now.

                              Balwinder Singh Musafir

Balwant Singh MusafarProblem: – Since last 4 years i was not able to sleep on the right side.
Result : –  After using LFEP just for 20 days I started sleeping on the right side .I feel energetic, clam and relax by using LFEP.I am thankful  the Glotera  who came for helping the people in wellness .

Daljit Sahi, Age: 47 years, Kapurthala. Sportsman (Motorsports)

Active since 1987 in motorsports (Rallying, Racing, Organizing, Executing, Officiating etc) till date.
Daljit Sahi.Problem: – Suffering eye allergy since 12 years (sensitive to dirt & pollution) Relieved from eye allergy within 2 weeks by wearing LFEP and discontinued Festive – D eye drops which used to be a regular practice. I regularly monitor my Blood Pressure range, at this phase of my life it was normal i.e. 127/82 on 12/07/12 but I noticed that after wearing LFEP the flow of blood was smooth to the extent i.e. 105/75 on 03/08/12. This range is Very Excellent which is found in Athletes or Children.
Result:-  After driving for long 8-12 hours, no Stress, no Fatigue, and no Neck Stiffness at all. The Life Force Pendant  regulated the Blood Pressure amazingly.

Viney Sahi, Age: 32 years.  Kapurthala, Teacher.

Viney Sahi,,Problem: –Daily routine is hectic and full of stress.
Result:-  After using the LFEP I feel more energetic. The best effect of  The Life Force Pendant  I experienced is told by my husband that I have stopped snoring; I enjoy sound sleep now. Within 07 days.

Madhu Reen, Chandigarh.  Teacher.

Madhu Reen,,Problem: – Operated for Breast Cancer on 12th July 2012, relieved on 15th July 2012. Doctor advised to exercise by raising hands high up and rotate; I was not able to raise hands up to shoulder height.
Result: – After wearing  The Life Force Pendant  I was able to raise my hands high without effort and without any pain. I felt no stiffness while doing the exercise, it is amazing technology.
 Immediate “Rocket Technology “

Balveen Cheema, Age: 58 years. Teacher.

Balveen Cheema,,Using LFEP made me more positive and energetic. Twitching of the nerve near the eye stopped which was very irritating, it is just amazing.
 Result: – Within 20 days.  (25th July 2012)


Manpreet Reen, Age: 37. Chandigarh. Teacher.


Manpreet Reen,,Problem: – Suffering from the pain and stiffness of my backbone and the pain was traveling down my right leg up till knee which used to occur quite often after the Slip Disc since March 2012. Due to my hectic routine and Slip disc I was feeling lethargic end of every day.
 Result:- In the month of May our family friend Daljit Sahi shared the benefits of  The Life Force Pendant  and suggested me to use. Within 7 days my pain was relieved and was walking effortless. Now after 30 days I feel more energetic and healthy, no sign of effects of Slip Disc.Suffered fro

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