The Main Energy Source of Human Body. The 12 meridians

 Energy that flows through the body – breath, food, light, darkness etc. moves and spreads in the body through channels called meridians and smaller channels known as collateral’s. There are 12 main meridians and 14 extra meridians that chi flows through.
The human body hosts channels or pathways wherein Chi flows. These centers are known as CHAKRAS OR meridians, they control both our mind body and soul. Most individuals cannot see ‘chi’ energy but they can feel it. When everything is going well we feel a sense of elation – that is ‘chi’ when everything continues to go wrong, despite our best efforts, that is also ‘chi’, but in this case negative chi. Unlike the veins that our blood flows through, meridians are throughout the entire body, but rather than fluid they deal more with energy and states of consciousness. There are 12 meridians of which 7Meridians3_1024x1024 are particularly important, each one is associated with one of the 5 elements and connects to the ‘chi’ organ of the physical body.
 The ancient medical text Nei Jing states: “The function of the channel (meridian) is to transport the Qi and blood and circulate yin and yang to nourish the body.” Because meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information, they have the ability to bring healing energy to local, as well as distant, parts of the body. This can create physiological and other changes as Qi circulates .Meridians work by regulating the energy functions of the body and keeping it in harmony.


  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, energy should be balanced and flow evenly inside each meridian. Blockages and uneven flow of the energy may result in malfunction of the associate organ and tissue, and in turn cause low healing ability. Therefore, maintaining meridian balance is the major goal of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • According to acupuncture, these are the invisible channels through which Qi circulates throughout the body.
  • There are 12 main meridians, six of which are yin and six are yang and numerous minor ones, which form a network of energy channels throughout the body. The twelve major meridians correspond to specific human organs: kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, lungs, pericardium, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, and the triple burner (body temperature regulator).
  • Imbalance in your acupuncture meridian system can disrupt your organs, muscles, circulation, and a host of other problems. Identifying meridian system imbalances is often critical to restoring your body’s ability to function.
The ancient medical text Nei Jing states: “The function of the channel (meridian) is to transport the Qi and blood and circulate yin and yang to nourish the body.” Because meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information, they have the ability to bring healing energy to local, as well as distant, parts of the body. This can create physiological and other changes as Qi circulates .Meridians work by regulating the energy functions of the body and keeping it in harmony.

There are 12 major meridians in the body.


Lung meridian

lungThe lungs are responsible for both respiration and the intake of energy. If an imbalance in the lung meridian occurs it leaves the body open to viral and bacterial infections, as well as perspiration and inflammation issues in the upper parts of the body, problems with the olfactory organs(nose/senseof smell) and adverse skin conditions.

Large Intestine

Large IntestineThe large intestine extracts water from waste material  and processes it before expelling it. An imbalance of energy in the large intestine meridian is responsible for all abdominal pains. On an emotional level, an imbalance in large intestine energy manifests itself in difficulty with holding on or letting go.

Spleen meridian

SpleenThe spleen distributes nutrients throughout the body. Because of this it affects muscle and limb tone, controls digestion, and helps regulate the flow of blood within the blood vessels. Energetic imbalances in spleen energy result in: abdominal problems (diarrhea, constipation, bloating), lack of appetite, prolapsed internal organs, weak muscles and general fatigue. Imbalances in the spleen meridian can also cause brain fog and absentmindedness.

Stomach meridian

StomackAll digestive issues can be traced back to the stomach. The stomach’s main responsibility is to digest food, extracting energy from it and distributing that energy to the spleen and intestines. An imbalance in stomach meridian energy can lead to feelings of worry, nervousness and a lack of acceptance.

Heart meridian

heartThe heart distributes blood to all the organs in the body. An imbalance of energy in the heart meridian results in chest pains, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, hot flashes/cold sweats, irritability and insomnia. A healthy heart meridian allows for joy and bliss in one’s life, while an imbalance can lead to psychological problems like anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder.

Small intestine meridian

small intastineThe small intestine is responsible for taking nutrients and energy that it has removed from food and distributing them throughout the body. An imbalance of small intestine energy causes poor circulation, weakness in the legs, always feeling cold, swollen lymph glands, sore/stiff shoulders, acne, nerve pain, poor digestion and stomach distention.

Bladder meridian

BladerThe bladder removes liquid waste from the body. An imbalance in the bladder meridian is responsible for stiffness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, back pains and all urinary diseases. Emotionally, an imbalance of bladder energy causes feelings of anger and an inability to express emotions.

Kidney meridian

KidenyThe kidneys store sexual energy. Because of this they also regulate the growth and development of the reproductive system. In addition, the kidneys are also responsible for the production of bone marrow and blood. Therefore, an imbalance in kidney energy causes genital-urinary disorders, as well as backaches, asthma and tinnitus. On an emotional level the kidney meridian controls willpower, determination and a person’s ability to cope.

Pericardium (Circulation/Sex) meridian

PreicardialThe pericardium is the area surrounding the heart. The pericardium protects and lubricates the heart and the pericardium meridian removes excess energy from around the heart. This is important because it disperses energy throughout the body preventing the heart from becoming over-energized.


Triple Warmer meridian

Tripple EnerigerThe triple warmer controls the body as a whole. Rather than being responsible for a particular organ system, it controls metabolism, heat/moisture balance and body temperature. Because the triple warmer is responsible for the whole body, an imbalance in triple warmer energy is associated with a wide range of disorders. An issue with any organ in the body is in some way associated to an imbalance in the triple warmer meridian

Liver meridian

LiverThe liver stores energy and regulates its flow throughout the body. The liver meridian is also responsible for the female sexual cycle and menstruation and the flexibility of tendons and ligaments. And imbalance of liver energy causes menstrual disorders like PMS, dry skin, jaundice, dry eyes, blurred vision, vertigo, stiff joints and headaches. On and emotional level, an imbalance of energy in the liver meridian results in anger, irritability, depression and a lack of control and emotional flexibility.

Gallbladder meridian

gallblader The gallbladder is responsible for storing and expelling bile produced by the liver. An imbalance of gallbladder energy causes bloating, liver pains and a yellow discoloration on the tongue, skin and in the urine.

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What happens when ?

Chi energy does not flow properly through the meridians?

If chi does not flow though the body freely the consequence is illness in the mind, body and spirit or illness in all three. The fact is that western style medicine has scientifically proven through rigorous study being overweight (or underweight) for long periods of time will in the end harm your body in some way. And some major fact,
Brain: Lack of energy cause the electricity of the brain to change.12-Meridians-1010x1024
Meridian: Due to the change of the brain electricity, the meridian energy changes.
Organ: The organs connected with the meridian are not properly nourished with vital energy and disease develops.
Chakra: The astral energy feedback changes in the chakra due to meridian energy changes.
Chakra A Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” One of the energy centers within the body. The main function of a chakra is to act as a transformer for the higher frequency subtle energies of the aura.


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Who is Dr. John R . Rogerson ?

He is leading specialist in studying the ‘efficacy of natural medicine. Dr. John developed EFi (Energy Field Imaging System), which is an imaging technology to reveal the energy and bio-fields of subject matter. EFi shows the energetic frequency of the body ‘live’ in clear colours and patterns. Photon Energy Field Imaging , an advanced imaging method to reveal aura energy , bio fields , the meridians and chakras in clear picture and vivid colors, which safely indicates where areas of stress and ease are sited to the body.


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