What is Bio – Frequency and its major role in Human Life?


What is Bio-Resonance Frequency ?The Power of Yours Words, Sound & FrequencyWellness i Live On Life Force Energy Pendant & Testimonials



How E-Smog Mobile Phone Radiation is Changing Human Behavior ?


How do we know, that we are Alive?Cell Phone Cause CancerPresence of Radio Frequency Radiation E-Smog.What is Electrosensitivity E- Smog ,and it's symptom and Effect on human body ?How the Man Made Frequencies are Effect our Cryptochromes ( navigation system of human body )?Major Side Effect of Mobile Phone Radiation World Health Organization Reports.


The Life Force Energy Technology i Live on. The Biggest Revolution in the Field of Technological Wellness 


Why we get Sick ? What is i Live On - Life Force Energy Pendant ?How I Live On Life Force Energy Technology Work.?Why everyone should wear I Live On ?How I Live On is Different from Others Energy Products ?How I Live On can help us from any Disease ?Live demo of I Live On by Dr. John R . Rogerson.Question & Answer regarding I Live On . Part 1 & 2Benefit of i Live On Life Force Energy Pendent & Testimonials.



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