What is prognosis test ? The Life Saver

Prognosis test is a computer-controlled measuring system for diagnosis and therapy. It offers a unique combination of oriental wisdom and western technology.
Prognosis  is a computer analysis system for health care. In case of complaints it determines which meridians were disturbed and how this disturbance may be neutralized.Energy blockages can form within the ‘Meridian Body’ preventing a natural flow of ‘chi’.12-Meridians-1010x1024
It is in fact a unique combination of 5000 years old Chinese wisdom based on the flow of energy chi through the meridians and Western logic, where people are eager to find facts by measuring, using modern computer technology and microchips. It aims to trace and treat the causes of diseases instead of treating symptoms only, causing the complaints to disappear effectively.
According to The Yellow Emperor’s  Classics of Internal  Medicine,  meridians  play a vital role in our body system, a human is born, sickness is formed, human is cured,  sickness is recovered, are all due to our meridians.  In brief, we get sick is due to our Meridian blockages: we can recovered i’s due to our meridian in our body is recovering and also helping us to recover from our illness. Therefore, it is important to take care of our meridians, so that we can prevent illness and enjoy a healthy body.

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During the Russian MIR flight, taking 438 days, the prognosis system was used to control the astronauts’ health. The system experienced an extreme test of endurance and quality. The astronauts, amongst them Prof. Dr Valery Polyakov, made measurements themselves. Prof. Dr. med. V. Polyakov (23.02.1994)Related to the test results and an integrated interpretation- and therapies programme they corrected the disturbances in the meridians by stimulating specific acupuncture spots. In contradiction to earlier flights these astronauts arrived back on earth fit and without suffering any health problems whatsoever
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Use to find out causes of disturbances:
If we know which meridians are disturbed the next step should be finding out what caused the disturbance. It is possible to distinguish the origin of disturbances by adding specific signals corresponding to known causes of symptoms and consequently checking the reactions of meridians to the signals given. Accordingly we read from the curves which organs and systems experience most interference. Common causes of these interferences are viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxic stress, psyche, teeth, geopathology / electrosmog, miasma, scars, interference in brain kernels (nuclei) and in chakras. Cause and result are sometimes strongly connected

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This is a World’s first Cutting Edge Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology  which is based on Molecular Entanglement and Doppler Concept. This is a Latest Invented by Dr.Ian Lyons Scientist from Germany and Endorse by Dr. John R. Rogerson – Scientist Biophysicist, inventor of EFI Photo Pro (Body bio-field scanning) 


This technology is able to

  • Resonates A Key Frequency Wave Form
  • Help in balancing Body Meridian
  • Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Frequencies
  • Expend Aura within minutes
  • Protects & Strengthens Immune System
  • Harnesses & Grounds Negative Energy
  • Increased Zest & Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Reduced Symptoms, Issues, Stress & Pain



  • Optimises Cellular Transfer, Strengthens Signals & Membrane Wall
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Increase Oxygenation in your blood stream
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Increase energy for athletic activity
  • Help in balancing Ying and Yang and the flow of ‘Chi
  • Reduces E-Smog
  • Help in relaxation, rejuvenation and reduce stress


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